o! say, can you see

You got the kinda good looks, sugar, sink their hooks inside of me.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures and objects are made by me, Logan Sebastian Beck.


Think we’re gonna go with the mint green for the upholstered “vegan leather” (read: pleather) seat cushion.

Portal. iPhone photo. 2014.

Plant + ghost sign. iPhone photo. 2014.

Follow my project build log for my HAA-funded grant project, A Description of the Sun at adescriptionofthesun.com.


First test of my two-axis heliograph is a success. And it’s pretty sexy, don’t you think.

Last one, I promise.

Oh, Inverted World. 2014. Straight from the scan.

Couple of Leica M4 shots from a trip to NYC two years (?) ago + Grainy Jackie.

G.G.’s DRIVE IN. iPhone photo. 2014.

EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME (Faux neon sign). 2014. Acrylic, enamel, wood, hardboard. 

Got a chance today to document this piece which was up at Lawndale for the Big Show.

Study for a painting of a sign. Digital illustration. 2014.

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