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You got the kinda good looks, sugar, sink their hooks inside of me.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures and objects are made by me, Logan Sebastian Beck.


Dogbones sanded and wiped with mineral spirits to show how the color will look once it’s finished.

Fabbing a piece for Isaac out of antique pine for a bar restoration project he’s working on.

Me sitting at the CNC machine with my sweet mutt, Betty. 2014. Photo by DO Photography. 

Me looking serious in the shop. Photo by DO Photography.

Couple more CNC’d maple dogbones into an unsanded walnut nightstand table top.

Cutting the cupholder in CHRISTINE nightstand. 2014.

Afternoon light on a couple of freshly sanded walnut bedside table tops.

CHRISTINE bedside table. Mk III. 2014. Sketchup rendering.

Changed the way the steel base will attach to the walnut top.

GALINA standing desk. Mk 1. 2014. Sketchup rendering.

Getting better at Sketchup every day. 

CHRISTINE bedside table. Mk II. Walnut, plexiglas, steel. Sketchup rendering. 2014.

Added a back vertical walnut piece for the plexi to sit in. This joint will be a decorative CNC’ed through cut/ lap joint. I posted a (failed) MDF test a few weeks ago. I’ve since tweaked it and I think it should work. Didn’t draw that in.

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