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You got the kinda good looks, sugar, sink their hooks inside of me.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures and objects are made by me, Logan Sebastian Beck.


Tire track. 2014. iPhone photo.

My container home. Constructed from two 40’ + two 20’ shipping containers. Estimated cost less than $40k, assuming I build it myself.

HOLLY porch bench. Walnut, powdercoated steel, plywood, custom upholstered seat cushion by Julia Gabriel Studio. 2014. Find it on etsy here.

Super well done! And extremely satisfying to watch.


A bookcase (in stop motion)!

CHRISTINE nightstands. 2014. Two mirror-image “right” trapezoidal tables. Walnut with maple details, steel, plexiglas, felt. Custom inscription on the underside.

CHRISTINE Nightstand. One of a set. Walnut with maple details, plexiglas & steel. 2014.

Sneak preview of some nightstands I’m delivering today.

Think we’re gonna go with the mint green for the upholstered “vegan leather” (read: pleather) seat cushion.

Portal. iPhone photo. 2014.

Plant + ghost sign. iPhone photo. 2014.

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